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May 8, 2020

SolBe Families,

For the final day of our “gratitude week,” we are going to create something beautiful! Have you been thinking about making something for a special person in your life? This is an easy peasy project that makes for a lovely gift or expression of gratitude. It is also our final beautiful day outside before the “May Arctic Blast” (I am virtually rolling my eyes). What a wonderful day to pop outside for a gratitude walk to get the ideas flowing.

If you are enjoying some art time inside…what is better than a project that takes a mere moment to set up, only requires three materials, is fun AND is beautiful? Enjoy this easy tissue-paper watercolor alternative!

Project of the Day: Easy Watercolor Flowers!


  • Tissue Paper
  • Water Bottle (spray bottle is the most fun for the kiddos!)
  • Paper

Step One

Set up materials. Have your child lay out the tissue paper colors however they’d like! They can make a mosaic-like pattern to create the flowers or just sprinkle all different colors around for a little free art.


Step Two

This step is where things can get a bit messy (prepare yourself)…but is the max level of fun! I used a spray bottle to wet all of the tissue paper. All children love to spray the water and the feeling of the wet tissue paper is a fun sensory exercise for tiny babes (remember the color does shed from the tissue when it’s wet, so stained hands are a possibility if they are really getting in there!).


Step Three

Peel all of the tissue paper off and reveal your MASTERPIECE! You also have the option of adding on additional colors after the art has dried. What a lovely gift for your favorite educator, nurse, or Mom!

Most important direction, as always: HAVE FUN!  

More resources to follow in the coming days. Feedback and more ideas welcome! 

Above all, be well and stay healthy!

The SolBe Team