We’ve seen what happens when programs, often with wonderful intentions, focus on one aspect of a child’s development—without attending to the many factors that influence the learning environment, without attending to the whole.

At SolBe, we are mindful of how people, spaces, programs, and wellness interact to create a truly exceptional experience—an early learning ecosystem that creates everyday learning opportunities for all.


Our learning ecosystem is an inventive, adaptable environment that supports continual improvement.

Our standards are high. We take an agile, cross-disciplinary approach. We question assumptions. We take different perspectives. We include. We hypothesize. We try new things. We observe. We communicate. We listen. We learn. We play. We grow. We care.

Want to see the SolBe Learning Ecosystem in action?

Redrawing “the classroom”

Children and educators can only do so much in a traditional, four-walled classroom. At SolBe, classrooms comprise two distinct spaces—a Dwelling and a Yard. The inspiring and purposeful design of these spaces enhance the mutually benefitial relationship between your child’s, and our educators’, positive experience of daily routines and educational pursuits. Our design deeply integrates people and programs within the space to support both development and wellbeing.


Dwellings are cozy, homelike spaces for quiet and focused activities. In contrast, the Yards provide the perfect space to make a mess, burn energy, or explore more active learning opportunity. Further, after school and during weekends, the Yards accommodate additional family programs that invite everyone back to SolBe to share fun experiences and extend family learning. These programs link home and school in a supportive loop.


Like a small village, students and their caregivers enjoy an openness and connectedness to a world beyond the comfort of their Dwelling. When they step into their Yard, which is full of natural light, it becomes clear that they are contributing members to a vibrant community.

Traditional Early Learning

Classrooms, accessed via corridors, encapsulate the day-to-day experience. Gross motor is scheduled for sharing between classrooms at defined times. The classroom must accommodate all types of learning activities.

The SolBe Experience

The SolBe classroom is broken into home-like Dwellings and outdoor-like Yard spaces within the learning center to intelligently support both focused and expansive learning activities, and to create an engaging environment for year-round play.

The first five years of your child’s development are the most influential.

Return on investment is highest for programs that target the earliest years because in these years the foundation for lifelong character is largely set—attributes like grit, flexibility, creativity, empathy, and a growth mindset. Research links these attributes to successful outcomes throughout life.

Source: James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics

SolBe holds these pursuits to be self-evident: Continual improvement. Cross-disciplinary, research-based best practices. Honest and non-judgmental communication. A holistic approach. A willing mind. Your child's and your best interest at heart.

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