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Beyond School

SolBe believes you are your child’s first teacher. We’re offering family programs that provide busy families with options for education and wellness. The flexibility of our design allows for group activities, such as yoga, cooking classes, and support classes for parents, or use of the facility by groups for meetings or events. We look forward to hearing from the community about what opportunities are of interest and welcome proposals from individuals or groups who are seeking space.

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SolBe holds these pursuits to be self-evident: Continual improvement. Cross-disciplinary, research-based best practices. Honest and non-judgmental communication. A holistic approach. A willing mind. Your child's and your best interest at heart.


SolBe is currently accepting the applications of interested families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SolBe have programs for me to connect with my kids in their learning environment?

We are in full support of you playing the primary role in teaching your kids. We do offer a number of formal programs for you to engage and be apart of your child’s learning here. We can arrange events ranging from on-site yoga, cooking classes for you to engage with and teach your child as the primary teacher in their lives.

Are there any takeaways or tips I can get to encourage SolBe’s education model at home?

SolBe is committed to the continued learning of the kids who attend and supporting their parents in continuing education in their homes. We want our kids to be lifelong learners, and embrace the idea that learning isn’t just something you do in a classroom, but that you take with you and continue at home.

How can I partner with SolBe to improve my child’s learning environment?

There are many things you can do to reinforce and solidify the learning experiences your kids gain at SolBe – primarily continue to foster a family culture that supports learning and creates experiences for them to learn from. Ideally, they would come in and out of our early learning center feeling like its a continuation of their learning at home.