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April 17, 2020

SolBe Families,

Another Friday! WE MADE IT! On the bright side of things, it is shaping up to be a lovely weekend in Boston. We are enjoying lots of virtual fun at SolBe (kiddos and staff alike) and are looking forward to spending some much needed time outdoors away from our screens. We hope you are able to safely do the same!

Project of the Day for All Ages: Twiggy Skeleton Hands or Sensory Board


  • Collected Sticks/Twigs
  • Glue or Tape (a hot glue gun works like a charm)
  • Marker
  • Cardboard (I used the top of a shoebox)


Step One

Another partially sunny day, another outdoor adventure! A nature walk or even a casual stroll is always more fun with a purpose. Try to collect ten or so small twigs while you are out exploring. I found these right outside of our apartment in Boston, so do not be discouraged if you live in a city!

Step Two

Simple fun here! I used the top of a shoebox, but any ole cardboard or stable paper will do. We always encourage creating an organized workspace for the kiddos. Laying out all of your materials and tools can help our little friends explore and use their imaginations.

Step Three

Outline Hands with marker. You can outline one of your hands and one of your kiddies hands..or just one pair. Kiddos love to see their hands traced. Bring some awareness to the difference in size. Give them an option to color in the outlines!

Step Four

Glue or tape sticks inside the hands. If you have access to a hot glue gun it is extremely helpful in securing the twigs, not to mention dries in a jiffy! If you have babes under two years old this is a wonderful sensory exploration! Let your little babes touch and explore the twigs. The rough texture, the different sizes, all exciting for a baby or infant/toddler!

If your children are older, this project is a wonderful introduction to talking about skeleton system and bones. During the COVID-19 crisis, kiddos are trying to work through and understand “the virus” (as my three-year-old niece calls it) and how it relates to their bodies. What a wonderful time to chat about skeletons and bring some awareness to their mind-body connection!

If you are looking for a book to pair with this activity, I would recommend “The Skeleton Inside You” by Philip Balestrino. Available on YouTube if you do not have a copy at home!

Most important direction, as always: HAVE FUN!  

More resources to follow in the coming days. Feedback and more ideas welcome, as always! 

Be well and stay healthy!

The SolBe Team