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May 1, 2020

SolBe Families,

Happy Rainy Friday. Good news coming from Boston…this weekend should be lovely!

Next week is a biggie! On Monday, May 4, Teacher Appreciation Week AND Nurse Appreciation Week begin. What a wonderful time to think and learn about gratitude. “The Thankful Book”, by Todd Parr is a nice complement to this project.

To kick it off, the activity for today is “Appreciation Based Free Art,” fun for all ages! The context to frame the project is simple: would your child like to work on a drawing or a painting? Maybe a nature-themed collage or a sculpture? Perhaps our babes could try some painting or a sensory activity. Instead of asking them what they would like to make, provide some boundaries by giving them a few options and see where creativity takes them! As Beau Kenyon so perfectly stated in his latest piece, A Montessori Inspired Place, “creativity and innovation of any kind require boundaries.”

Project of the Day: Appreciation Free Art


  • Anything!

Step One

Set up any materials you have! A small or big piece of paper. Markers/Crayons/Paint/Clay. Here is Sloaney Boloney working on a thank you sign for her AMAZING TEACHER, Ms. Ann Marie from Union Cong.


Step Two

Snap a quick photo of your kiddo and their project. It does not need to be a sign! It can be any project they would be proud of and like to share with their teacher/educator/caregiver or any nurses in your community!


Use this project as a way to introduce the concept of gratitude. How can we instill the idea of giving thanks in our kiddies? ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE! Projects, where we are tangibly creating, give the kiddos an idea of how to express the abstract concept of “thanks.” Be sure to share any feedback. “Ms. Ann Marie was so happy when she received your note, Sloane,” “You made Ms. Ann Marie smile so big with your card!”

Most important direction, as always: HAVE FUN!  

More resources to follow in the coming days. Feedback and more ideas welcome! 

Above all, be well and stay healthy!

The SolBe Team