Summer @ SolBe

Summer @ SolBe provides three immersive, month-long sessions that balance exploring the natural world in the sun with meaningful classroom experiences that stimulate excitement and wonder. Our cross-disciplinary, fresh approach offers experiential learning through hands-on outdoor initiatives, field trips, visits from community experts, and family engagement. Each summer session, led by a passionate educator from our team, has a distinct focus: STEM, art in all its forms, and movement & wellness—all within schedules that work for working families.

Summer @ SolBe is comprised of three sessions for children ages 2-5:

  • Session 1: June 3–28 | STEM-Be, all about STEM!

  • Session 2: July 1–26 | Sol-Art, art in all of its shapes and forms

  • Session 3: July 29–August 23 | Body & Sol: all about movement & wellness


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Beyond Summer Programs

Current summer programs can leave parents feeling torn between providing fun in the sun and meaningful, intentional education experiences that will help prepare their children for school. What’s more, many of these programs offer limited, part-day schedules that simply don’t work for working families.

Summer @ SolBe goes beyond the traditional summer experience. We believe that students of all ages deserve learning opportunities that challenge everyday thinking, expand the learning ecosystem, provide cross-disciplinary enrichment, and offer specialized curriculum led by truly amazing educators. Our unique approach presents experiential learning through outdoor programming, field trips, special visits from community experts, family engagement, and an all-inclusive nutrition program. Join us as we redefine the summer experience and support students in discovering more than they believed existed before.

Jennifer G. I have been so impressed by SolBe Learning Center’s holistic approach as a professional with over 25 years supporting families with young children. The center is truly a beautiful and creative space. There is a genuine focus on supporting both the development of the little ones in addition to the entire family. The center invests in parenting education for families enrolled in the center in addition to inviting the outside community. Impressive!
Field Trips

Summer @ SolBe will give us the opportunity to explore other places and environments. We want children to experience new opportunities beyond SolBe’s space. It is important that children discover that their stories and learning within our bubble are connected and enriched by the outside world.

If we are talking about science, let’s become scientists and investigate an amazing place! If we are talking about art, let’s find out how an artist thinks and creates! If we talk about movement, let’s explore how our body moves and feels in a new and different environment!

Each session, educator leads will bring their learning experiences to a special outdoor space beyond SolBe to enrich and deepen learning opportunities for our Preschool and Pre-K students.

Outdoor Spaces

At SolBe, children are the catalysts for their own learning. We focus on open-ended experiences and environments that allow children to do the “work” of exploring, wondering, experimenting, imagining, and creating. Our playground is designed to offer a range of spaces – hardscape, a grassy hill, loose wood chip, dirt, and pour-in-place safety surfacing. This variety of landscaping supports a wide range of outdoor experiences, all within the bounds of our one playground.

We are able to offer experiences including, bike riding and vehicle toys; sidewalk chalk art and games; digging, filling, and dumping; water play; picnicking; vestibular experiences on the hillside like rolling, sliding, and running; and many more.

What’s more, we are located near Hynes Field, with access to playground equipment and a splash pad (to be featured as a field trip in August!).

Natural Loose Parts

We are influenced by the theory of Loose Parts, first coined by architect Simon Nicholson. This theory embraces open-ended, moveable, and manipulatable materials. At any given time, we may have bikes, buckets and hand trowels, child-sized shovels and rakes, toy vehicles, blocks, balls, Bilibo seats, and more available on the playground. For more on Loose Parts, click here.

The natural loose parts available on the playground, in particular, are sensory-rich and help foster connections to the environment. Items like leaves, woodchips, dirt, and acorns as well as natural elements such as wind, rain, temperature, and shadows allow children to make observations and appreciate nature. Children delight in discovering an earthworm among the blades of grass or collecting a bucket full of fall leaves and noticing the spectrum of colors they represent.

Special Visits

Summer @ SolBe welcomes and encourages play in all of its forms! Playing and having fun shapes the performance of the human brain, at every age. Play correlates with creativity, imaginative problem-solving, resilience, and the capacity to learn from making a mess of things.

In each session, we will welcome the madness of science, the messiness of the arts, and the exhilaration of movement with special guests that will enrich our daily experiences.

Family Engagement

We believe that one of the most accurate predictors of an individual child’s success is the extent to which families are both involved in their child’s education, and how much they are encouraging learning and growth at home.

The essence of parent engagement is a symbiotic relationship, where both the educator and parents share equal responsibility in helping their children learn and meet their educational goals. That’s why, at SolBe, we value transparency and ensuring that our parents have what they need to help their children thrive.

For Summer @ SolBe, we invite parents into the learning community to celebrate our growth and share talents, passions, cultures, and stories. We will help you connect the learning that happens during the program with your loved ones at home. When it comes to successful growth in education and creativity for children, what goes on outside of the classroom is just as important as what goes on in it.


Our standards are high. We take an agile, cross-disciplinary approach. We question assumptions. We take different perspectives. We include. We hypothesize. We try new things. We observe. We communicate. We listen. We learn. We play. We grow. We care.

SolBe holds these pursuits to be self-evident: Continual improvement. Cross-disciplinary, research-based best practice. Honest and non-judgmental communication. A holistic approach. A willing mind. Your child's and your best interest at heart.