Rethink Early Learning

SolBe [sohl-be] is an early learning center that reimagines traditional notions of child care. We aim to create the highest quality early learning experiences. Our dynamic program continually adapts and improves as we nurture healthy, engaged lives.

A commitment to learning in all its forms. An emphasis on play. A supportive partner and knowledgeable resource for bustling parents. A community of vibrant, engaged families. A place where children and adults alike want to spend time.

Jennifer G.
I have been so impressed by SolBe Learning Center’s holistic approach as a professional with over 25 years supporting families with young children. The center is truly a beautiful and creative space. There is a genuine focus on supporting both the development of the little ones in addition to the entire family. The center invests in parenting education for families enrolled in the center in addition to inviting the outside community. Impressive!
Vibrant Educators, Expertly Trained in Child Care and Development

From our perspective, all businesses are people businesses, and our educators are the heart of the SolBe Learning Ecosystem. We invest in the well-being and development of all our people—educators, support staff, and administrators alike.

Our educators are especially trained for this work through the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and translate their passion and expertise, along with the children’s curiosities, into emergent, Reggio Emilia-inspired learning experiences. 

Inventive Learning Spaces

We’ve spent thousands of hours in classrooms that either overstimulate, underwhelm, or actively prevent educators from delivering the highest-quality education and care. At SolBe, you’ll go beyond the traditional four-walled classroom.

At SolBe, classrooms comprise two distinct spaces—a Dwelling and a Yard. The inspiring and purposeful design of these spaces enhances the mutually beneficial relationship between your child’s, and our educators’, positive experience of daily routines and educational pursuits. Our design deeply integrates people and programs within the space to support both development and wellbeing.

An Emphasis on Wellness

Life moves faster and is more chaotic than ever before. Current child care programs leave us torn between what we think is best for our child and what we know we need for ourselves.

Your wellness and the wellness of your child shouldn’t be a question of either/or. SolBe is an early learning center committed to yes/and. Yes to providing the best educational experience for your child and to supporting you in living your life to the fullest.

The SolBe Difference

We’ve seen what’s lost when things are done the way they’ve always been done before. SolBe is an adaptive early learning program that refuses to accept the status quo.

Our inventive practices grow from the shoulders of giants, with roots in the Reggio Emilia approach and well-researched cognitive disciplines that attend to the whole child. We create opportunities to develop character attributes that your child will benefit from for a lifetime. Collaboration. Communication. Independence. Healthy risk-taking. Critical thinking. Emotional awareness. Resilience. Intellectual curiosity. Creative innovation. Authentic love of life and learning.


Our standards are high. We take an agile, cross-disciplinary approach. We question assumptions. We take different perspectives. We include. We hypothesize. We try new things. We observe. We communicate. We listen. We learn. We play. We grow. We care.

We’re Here For You

Schedule a tour, see the school, decide what’s best for you!

SolBe holds these pursuits to be self-evident: Continual improvement. Cross-disciplinary, research-based best practice. Honest and non-judgmental communication. A holistic approach. A willing mind. Your child's and your best interest at heart.