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Each month, our students at SolBe are invited to learn about and experience a different topic. We refer to these open-ended invitations to explore, wonder, and create as learning provocations. This month’s provocation at SolBe is all about global citizenship. Across classrooms, our students are invited to learn about the world around them and how they can take an active role in their community. 

Today’s enrichment experience reflects this learning provocation. It will allow your child to learn about their community and the impact they can have on the world while developing skills such as empathy, open-mindedness, and curiosity. 



  • World map
  • Photos of a variety of foods
  • Access to books about where our food comes from


The Experience

Step 1

Lay out a world map for your child to view. Show your child where you live and whether you have family from other parts of the world. You can expand on this conversation by discussing how we are all connected, even with those who live in a different country!

Step 2

Ask your child to consider where the food they eat comes from. You can ask this question again and have them place photos of the foods you discuss on the map. Talk with your child about where some people might buy or grow their food. You can then share how our food often travels from other countries and identify foods that your family might not have access to. 

Step 3

Share with your child that we can learn more about our global community through books. Find a book (at home or at your local library) that you can read together to learn more about where our food comes from. You could then choose a recipe from another culture to try making at home!

Step 4 (Continuing the Conversation)

Take opportunities to explore your neighborhood and ask your child to think about the world around them. What questions do they have and what do they want to learn about?


Books to Pair


If you try this at home, let us know on Instagram @solbelearning. Be vibrant and keep thriving!

Be vibrant and keep thriving!

This article was last reviewed or updated on March 12, 2024.

About the author: Rebecca is the Director at SolBe Learning. Rebecca has worked in the field of early education for over six years, with a passion for supporting the optimal development of young children and families. Rebecca holds a B.A. in early childhood education and sociology as well as an M.A. and license in school counseling.