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Each month, our students at SolBe are invited to learn about and experience a different topic. We refer to these open-ended invitations to explore, wonder, and create as learning provocations. This month’s learning provocation at SolBe is all about feelings. Across classrooms, our students are invited to identify different emotions, talk about their feelings, learn about healthy expressions of emotions & how to connect with others’ feelings, and so much more!

Today’s enrichment experience reflects this feelings learning provocation and will allow your child to learn about their different emotions in a fun, playful way.



You can engage in this experience anywhere, anytime! Your love and presence are all that are needed.


The Experience

Step 1: Choose an emotion—for example, “excited.”

Step 2: Invite your child to talk about a time you felt that emotion and when they might feel it too. For example, “I feel excited when it’s my birthday!” Show your child this emotion with your face and body.

Step 3: Ask your child, “When do you get excited?”. Repeat their answer and the emotion while showing it. For example, “You feel excited when ….” and demonstrate an excited face and physical reactions (e.g. clapping your hands).

Step 4: Invite your child to show you the same emotion with their face and body.

Step 5: Continue taking turns to show and guess different emotions, while talking about times when you have felt these emotions.


Books to Pair

While reading these books, ask your child to guess how the characters in the story are feeling. You can ask questions such as, “How can you tell that the character feels that way? Can you make a face that shows that feeling?”.


If you try this at home, let us know on Instagram @solbelearning. Be vibrant and keep thriving!


Be vibrant and keep thriving!

This article was last reviewed or updated on February 9, 2024.

About the author: Rebecca is the Head of Family Empowerment and Student Success at SolBe Learning. Rebecca has worked in the field of early education for over six years, with a passion for supporting the optimal development of young children and families. Rebecca holds a B.A. in early childhood education and sociology as well as an M.A. and license in school counseling.