Best Child Bookstores in the Boston Area

Are you looking for a fun, educational activity to do with your children?

There are some great children’s bookstores in the Boston area that specialize in books for infants, young children, or families. They often put on events and readings and can be a fun weekend activity for the whole family, that is affordable and encourages reading for your young ones. Check out some of these great bookstores near you!


5 Of Our Favorite Bookstores For Children In The Boston Area


1. The Children’s Book Shop

The Children’s Book Shop is the longest-running independent children’s bookstore in the Boston area since opening in 1977. They’ve been featured in the Boston Globe, voted best children’s bookstore of Boston, and have become a staple for children, their parents, and their educators for decades. Their hand-selected collection of books includes old and new and has anything and everything you may be wanting. They have poetry contests, educator nights, and other bookstore events. It is a go-to spot for finding that perfect children’s book for the child or teacher in your life. 

2. Blue Bunny Books

Blue Bunny Books was founded in 2003 by children’s author and illustrator, Peter  H. Reynolds. Along with a collection of the best children’s books you can find, Blue Bunny also features Peter H. Reynolds’ extensive collection, and some books are signed by Reynolds himself! The attached Mocha Java Cafe makes visiting Blue Bunny Books an enjoyable experience for everyone. Mom and dad can grab a coffee while the kids sit through book readings and activities. 

3. An Unlikely Story

An Unlikely Story is a bit of a drive, about 45 minutes outside of Chestnut Hill, but is worth a day trip. It’s located in historic Falk’s Market and boasts an awesome vintage vibe. With a combined bookstore, cafe, and gift shop—it’s a one-stop shop! Children can have a delicious lunch and pick out their books, while adults can grab a beer or a glass of wine at the cafe and sit down with their book of choice. It has something for everyone, and you can make a day of it. 

4. The Curious George Store

As the only Curious George Store in the world, they strive to be a place to bring children and their parents together to learn, play, and explore. The owner, Astra Titus, was ferociously curious as a child, and that stuck with her well into adulthood. She worked very hard to open The Curious George Store and hopes to inspire and keep curiosity alive in the children, and adults, every day.

5. Karin’s Barefoot Books

Karin’s Barefoot Books was founded by two moms who wanted to share their stories and help connect people through books. The name barefoot is an ode to how we felt as children, running barefoot in the dirt and feeling connected to the earth and the humanity around us. It’s freeing to be barefoot, and it’s freeing to read stories of other people’s lives and to explore through the words of fiction and fantasy. Karin’s Barefoot Books strives to bring people of all walks of life together and believes introducing children to books and literature is the best way to help them explore life.

5 Of The Best Children’s Story Books From The Last Decade

2020 brings a new year and a new decade. We thought it’d be fun to gather up the best children’s books of the decade. From learning to laughter, these are some of the favorites from the last ten years.

The Day The Crayons Quit

1. The Day the Crayons Quit – by Drew Daywalt

This is a hilarious story of crayons going on strike because they are tired of doing the same thing. Orange and yellow both want to be the color of the sun, while black doesn’t want to be just an outline. The story explores how child Duncan can appease the masses and get the crayons back to coloring. You’ll be laughing, and imaginations will run wild with this fun, unique story of the crayons quitting their jobs. 

2. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site – by Sherri Duskey Rinker

This story shows everyone needs to get a good sleep to do their work. Even the bulldozers and dump trucks need their rest to be able to do a hard day’s work. This cute goodnight story may be a new favorite amongst your youngest children.

3. The Pigeon Needs a Bath! – by Mo Willems

Pigeon is a popular character in children’s books, from such titles as Pigeon Wants a Puppy, and Don’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus. This time Pigeon doesn’t want to take a bath, because of course, he took one last month. These funny, informative books will be a fun way to get your kids to love taking a bath because Pigeon said so!

4. Julian is a Mermaid – by Jessica Love

This is a gorgeous picture book telling the tale of a boy spotting 3 women dressed as mermaids on his way home from the pool. It will open up the imaginations of your children and is an overall fun read, with gorgeous pictures to look at. We love this one!

5. The Truth Pixie – by Matt Haig

The Truth Pixie called a “self-help book for 7-year-olds” in the best way possible. The heartwarming story of a young girl who simply cannot tell a lie teaches us how life can throw you curveballs and ups and downs, but staying true to yourself is the key to living your best life. An inspiring tale that will surely be fun to read with your elementary-aged children. 

SolBe Learning Center recognizes the importance of reading to your children, with your children, and eventually them reading on their own. Books and stories are an incredible asset to teach everything from essential reading and grammar skills to knowing how to deal with real-life situations. We encourage everyone to take the time to visit some of these fantastic children’s bookstores around town.