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Rethink early learning

The SolBe Early Learning Center has reimagined the traditional notions of daycare and preschool. Our name itself combines our goal when educating children. Based on our Spanish immersion curriculum, we’ve combined the Spanish word “sol” with the English word “be” to mean “to be full of light.” We know that children are the future, and the future starts now.

Jennifer G.
I have been so impressed by SolBe Learning Center’s holistic approach as a professional with over 25 years supporting families with young children. The center is truly a beautiful and creative space. There is a genuine focus on supporting both the development of the little ones in addition to the entire family. The center invests in parenting education for families enrolled in the center in addition to inviting the outside community. Impressive!
What Makes The SolBe Early Learning Center Different?

The first five years of a child’s development are the most crucial. We’re driven to create the most nurturing, positive, and holistic experience possible for your children. We provide seed-to-table nutrition, thoughtfully designed facilities, professional staff, and an intercultural program with Spanish immersion.

We have reinvented the classroom by figuratively breaking down the traditional four-wall classroom. At SolBe, our classrooms are comprised of two distinct spaces—a Dwelling and a Yard. Dividing the rooms in this way allows children to be fully immersed in the task at hand. Dwellings allow for more focus on quiet, chill activites like reading or coloring. The Yard is the space where children can play, make messes, and interact with their peers in a fun environment. We believe this design helps people integrate within the space to support both development and wellbeing.

Spanish Immersion Program

The benefits of Spanish immersion early on in childhood include improved cognitive development, ability to pay attention, and increased ability to read social cues. Children who are able to switch between two languages have also shown to have improved test scores and superb problem-solving skills. Our program includes Spanish exposure, which ranges from 90% Spanish in our infant classrooms to 20% in our oldest classrooms.

Our educators are fully immersed in the language program, communicating regularly with students in Spanish. Our books are in Spanish as well as English, and we make it a fun part of our programs!

Mixed Age Groups for Optimal Learning

Our programs are designed to enhance education and learning at all ages. We get a lot of parents asking if children need to hit certain milestones to be included in their aged classrooms. Our mixed-age classrooms allow us to group them depending on their advancements, not necessarily within age or milestone categories.

For example, our mixed-age groups include infants 8 weeks to 12 months, toddlers aged 12-33 months, older toddlers of 22-48 months, and our oldest group of children are ages 33 months to 5 years. These mixed-age groups ensure preschool starts much earlier and can prep children for when they start kindergarten. These ages are just a guideline, but during enrollment, you will fill out a developmental history form based on your child’s age, which it will help us place them in the proper classroom where they can thrive. This allows children of similar ages and levels to explore their natural curiosity and creativity under the watchful eye of well-trained, professional educators.

An Integrated Approach to Early Learning

The SolBe Early Learning Center focuses on creating an immersive learning experience for young children. We use elements from the Reggio Emilia approach and the Montessori Method to go above and beyond what you may find in normal child care and early learning centers. We allow a child’s natural curiosity and development help to guide them through our programs.

Brookline Daycare & Early Child Learning

SolBe is located in Chestnut Hill, MA, which neighbors the town of Brookline. Brookline is a beautiful old town that borders six neighborhoods in the Boston area. Families that live in Brookline and drop their children off at SolBe can do so hassle-free with our ample parking lot, and secure drop-off spots

We’re Here For You

Schedule a call, see the school, decide what’s best for you!

SolBe holds these pursuits to be self-evident: Continual improvement. Cross-disciplinary, research-based best practice. Honest and non-judgmental communication. A holistic approach. A willing mind. Your child's and your best interest at heart.